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เครื่องเชื่อมออบิทัล รุ่น I-ORBITAL 5000

เครื่องเชื่อมออบิทัล รุ่น I-Orbital 5000

iOrbital 5000 distributed orbital welding power source is on automatic programmable power source designed by Kun shan Huaheng Welding Co. Ltd. adopting the world’s most advanced technology. This power source is using popular invertor and computer science technology and the big colorful touch screen as HMI, which is the pioneer in this industry. It has accurate controlling of welding current, rotation, wire feeding, OSC, AVC, shielding gas and compress gas. It could be used with all TC products, TOK products, TOA products, TPO6O/TPO40 and GT6O welding head that manufactured by Huaheng Welding Co., LId. It usually applies in the tube/tube, tube to tube–sheet welding of chemical industry, food industry, medical industry, electric pipe line, all sorts of heat exchangers, engineering machinery, boiler, locomotive, military industry and nuclear power industry etc.


  • Controlling interface including: WORK, PROGRAM, CONFIGURATION, FILE, LIBIARY, HELP;
  • Auto-generate the welding parameter for tube/tube–sheet, and thin wall tube/tube welding;
  • Intelligent AVC function and carry out mechanism;
  • Real fime detect ond feedback of error like arcing fail, short circuit, over heat, over voltage, lack of gas, lack of water, lower voltage, arc extinguish, communication error etc;
  • Import/export welding program by USB driver, easy to switch between different programs;
  • Memory of the program editing while welding, and display the difference to original program;
  • Parameter like weaving speed/center/width, current, rotation speed can be adjusted while welding to achieve special requirement of some welding seam;
  • Online and USB driver upgrade function and offline program function.

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